Clubs Anytime

Pubs are a big part of the English culture. Many people in UK love to celebrate occasions with beer and sometimes it is almost inevitable to wonder why they are very used to such practice. It is important to look back at some things in history as they explain a lot of things happening today. For instance, if you are wondering how birmingham christmas or New Year can be, you need to do some research because it is the only way that you can understand why people there celebrate a little more different than other countries. English people are very particular about clubs or pubs and here is a short preview of their evolution.

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Various Places to Drink

Some people think that all pubs are the same. This can be true at some point because they all offer drinks which is among the reasons why people would normally visit them. On the other hand, there are different kinds of pubs particularly in the history of UK.

Home from Home

The kind of pub that feels like home is indeed made to feel like home. The home from home set-up can be seen in most alehouses in the eighteenth century. Alehouses were common in UK since the Bronze Age as people would normally go there to get refreshments and talk about how their days went. It is where they can relax or feel at ease, just like home.

Grander than Home

Some pubs that are near hotels and big establishments prefer to have a more exquisite ambiance. It may be compared somehow to classy restaurants. Although most pubs also serve food, the main focus is on drinks so people really go there to savour various types of beer, lager or ale.


Inns are common along highways. They are places where travellers or holidaymakers can stay and have drinks, lodging and food. Back in the day, they also had stabling and fodder for horses. They were even used for community gatherings or special occasions.

The Saloon

By the end of the eighteenth century, changes have blossomed. Most pubs started having saloons wherein people would pay for a fee then beer, food and entertainment is served at their tables. Bands and other musicians knew about this change and soon flocked to pubs to get publicity. Owners would normally accommodate them to get more customers. Today, many pubs have music halls which many customers love as they can hear live music while enjoying their food and drinks.


Since the government passed laws about indoor smoking, many clubs or pubs in UK were affected. Some of them got higher sales as people ordered more food while some had lower sales numbers as people usually like to smoke as they drink. Snugs are private rooms which are often called smoke rooms as only patrons usually go there to smoke and pay higher since no one can see them except those who are allowed to get in.

These are just a few things about pubs in UK. There are lots of details to dig into for those who have curious minds. UK is rich in history even before the Romans and the French arrived. If you want to get more information, you can visit museums or read related articles where you can see the evolution of English pubs.